Wednesday, April 07, 2010

We're still alive!!

I was gently reminded by an old friend (thanks, Joy!) that I have really been slacking in my blogging. Blogging? OH YEAH! That website where I used to post updates of my family and put pictures for others to enjoy. The wait is over, my friends, but rather than try to catch you up on every single event from the last 4 months (has it been THAT long?!) I'm going to throw in some random pictures so you can be refreshed as to what everyone looks like and then I'll go from there... The order isn't exactly chronological, but does it seem like that would bother me? I am 4 months behind after all. :)
Reese and Lincoln pass many warm afternoons on their bikes in the backyard, zooming around the (covered) pool.

Sitting on a real firetruck at our neighbor's Easter Egg Hunt at their church!

After much hard work making a car with Pappaw for the derby race, Emma raced her car proudly!

Knox's very famous awesome mohawk

Lincoln loving on his baby bro

Me & Knox in his famous Colts hat that our friend Jennifer Millsaps made as a baby gift. He has gotten a bazillion compliments on it!

Emma's acting debut! Their first grade did a Dr. Seuss Musical and Emma auditioned for Sally speaking lines and got it!


Sara and JC Trombley said...

welcome back :)

Joy said...

YEAH! Thanks,friend! Loved seeing you all!

Anonymous said...

She is a little Dakota Fanning after all!
-Ashley Johnson